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rConfig V7 Documentation

rConfig V7 is the latest release of the popular open-source network configuration management tool. It is a complete rewrite of the previous version, with an updated UI, and a new API, and amazing new features such as API backup, Bring your own Code, and multiple integrations with other tools.

V7 Professional Features

Open Source

Leverage the power of open source with our platform, built atop the robust foundations of Laravel and Vue.js, ensuring an extensible and developer-friendly experience. Dive into our community-driven development process, free from tech-debt, and shape the future of our software with your contributions.

Network Automation Platform

Our Network Automation Platform stands out with industry-unique features like API-driven backup capabilities, a flexible “Bring Your Own Code” approach, and seamless integration with a multitude of other tools. Elevate your network management and automation strategies, ensuring a highly customizable and interoperable system tailored to your specific needs.

High-quality User Experience

Experience excellence with V7, where every element has been meticulously designed to offer a high-quality user experience that meets the demands of today’s tech-savvy users. Our commitment to detail ensures a seamless and engaging interface that elevates your interaction with technology.

All Essential Elements

Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of Network Configuration Management (NCM) capabilities, ensuring you have all essential elements at your fingertips. Streamline your network operations with our standard set, designed to meet the complex demands of modern network environments efficiently.

Cost Effective

Our platform stands out as the most cost-effective solution in the Network Configuration Management (NCM) market, offering an unbeatable combination of pricing and features. Maximize your investment with our unparalleled feature/value ratio, tailored to deliver high-quality network management solutions at an accessible price point.


rConfig is designed with extensibility at its core, offering you the flexibility to tailor the system to your precise requirements through our comprehensive API. Customize and extend rConfig’s capabilities to fit your unique network management needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your environment.

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