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rConfig - Policy definitions

5 mins V7 Pro

Policy Definitions are used to define the rules for compliance. A policy definition is a JSON file that contains the one or many rules that are used to evaluate the compliance of a device. These rules are enumerated one by one over a configuration file as defined in the policy assignment. Some rules for the policy definition are:

  1. Multiple Policy Assignments can use the same definition
  2. Strict syntax checking is performed on the definition. Check the Policy Definition Help for more information.

Main View

A quick look at the Policy Definitions table will give you a view of the definitions available. You can add a definition by clicking the New Policy Definition button. You can expand the definition by clicking the expand icon in the main view. When you expand the definition, you will see the definition information, and you can click ‘View Code’ to View/Edit the definition JSON file. You will also see any assignemnts that definition is applied to.

Policy Definitions main view

Create/Edit a Policy Definition

When you create a New Policy Definition, you will be prompted to enter a filename. The filename should be in the format of ‘device-type_policy-definition-name.json’. For example, ‘cisco_ios_access_list.json’. The filename should be unique. The editor is loaded with a default definition to help you get started. You can edit the definition and save it as a new definition.

It is very important that you click the Policy Definition Help to learn about the syntax of the definition.

Policy Definitions add/edit

Policy Definition Help

Whether you are creating a new definition or editing an existing definition, you will need to know the syntax and structure of the definition. All information related to this is in the Policy Definition Help dialog box. You can access this from within the policy definition editor.