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rConfig - SIE Overview

2 mins V7 Pro

Script Intergration Engine (Beta)

rConfig V7 introduces a groundbreaking new feature called Script Intergration Engine. This feature is designed to empower our users with the flexibility to execute custom scripts written in any scripting language (such as Expect, Python, Bash, Perl, etc.) directly from the rConfig platform. To take advantage of this, ensure the script’s binary is available on your server, and store your scripts in a designated directory on the rConfig server.

How It Works

Script Intergration Engine allows users to dynamically integrate custom scripts into their network management workflows. By enabling this feature with a special flag, you can set up commands to run these scripts as device commands. These commands can invoke the scripts with parameters sourced directly from rConfig’s devices table. The scope of these scripts can range from simple configuration downloads to complex, fully automated playbooks tailored to your network’s specific needs. This feature is particularly beneficial for Operational Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IOT) environments that require specialized operations sequences, inputs/outputs, or scripting languages.

Potential Use Cases

  • Automated config backups
  • Network health checks
  • Custom compliance checks
  • Dynamic configuration changes

Output Handling

Upon execution, the script outputs are captured and stored as normal configurations within the rConfig platform. This seamless integration ensures that the outputs can be utilized in all of rConfig’s core features, including Diff, Compare, Search, and Compliance checks, among others. This not only enhances automation capabilities but also centralizes data management and analysis.

Beta Phase and Support

The Script Intergration Engine feature is currently in beta. We are excited about the potential it brings to network management and automation but understand that it may come with a learning curve. To ensure a smooth integration and to address any issues or questions you might have, we strongly encourage our users to contact our support team for setup and operational guidance.

We are dedicated to making this feature as robust and user-friendly as possible and eagerly await your feedback to make improvements.

For more information or to provide feedback on the Script Intergration Engine feature, please reach out to our support team. Your input is invaluable as we continue to enhance the rConfig experience for all users.