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rConfig - Tags

1 mins V7 Pro V6 Core

Tags are a useful construct to be able to identify groups of devices by a simple label. Tags can be anything you need them to be. Tags are used specifically in Scheduled Tasks. Example tags are; Location A Manufacturing_Site_A MDF_A Boston_MA

Adding/ Editing Tags

From the main Tag view, click New Tag to add a new tag, or click the edit button in the table.

######Tag Main View

The tag form itself is very simple. You can add a tag name, and a description. Both are required and the tag name must be unique.

######Tag Form

Deleting Tags does not impact individual or groups of devices, but will affect scheduled tasks if they are configured for a Tag.


As of V7.1.0 tags now have roles assigned to them/. This is specifically for the purpose of allowing users to only see devices where their role is in the given tag.