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rConfig - Config search

1 mins V7 Pro

Config search allows you to rapidly discover text within configuration files for a given category. The search function sweeps across all files using a unique algorithm for very fast results, but depending on the quantity of files, may take a few moments.

Simply, select your desired category, set the line count, and enter a search string. The search string can be specific, or not. Wild cards are added by default before and after. Adding a Line Count value will display that value of lines before and after the output i.e. if you search for an IP address, and add a line count of 2, for Cisco devices this will display the interface name also. Very useful!

RegExp character classes can be also be used. See here for a RegExp cheat sheet

In V6, the default option is to only search the latest configs for devices in your chosen category. You may disable this option to search historical files also, but depending on the quantity of config files for category, this can take some time and cause the page to hang while the results are being returned.

Every configuration with a string match - its device name, date, and filename are presented in the output. You will also see buttons to download or view that specific config if needed.