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rConfig - System Logs

2 mins V7 Pro V6 MSP

The System Log Viewer offers an elegant and straightforward approach to examining your application logs, providing an efficient method for troubleshooting and monitoring your system. This tool transforms the task of navigating through plain text logs by offering aesthetically pleasing, formatted logs that are both collapsible and expandable, with added search functionality. While manual log review is always an option, the Log Viewer app significantly simplifies the process of locating specific information. For issue resolution, rConfig support will guide you to utilize the Log Viewer app.

This viewer saves time and effort by providing a user-friendly interface to view logs without having to login to the CLI. It is a great tool for troubleshooting and monitoring your system. The Log Viewer app is available to users with the ‘admin’ role.

Credit to Arunas Skirius for the Log Viewer app.

Viewing Logs

Upon accessing the Log Viewer application, you will be presented with a comprehensive list of all available logs. Selecting a log will allow you to view its contents directly. Additionally, the option to download the log file is provided for further analysis or for sharing purposes, particularly if you need to send it to rConfig support. The functionality to manage the logs, including deleting individual or multiple log files, can be accessed by clicking on the three dots associated with each log entry. This feature ensures efficient log management and facilitates the support process.

Log Viewer