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rConfig - Application log

2 mins V7 Pro V6 Core

Possibly one of the more important features of rConfig is the ability to review and assess events that occurred in the system to help with troubleshooting and audit. Some notes on this section;

  • Should the volume of logs become excessive, there is an option to archive them. Archived logs are transferred to a separate database table, an action that is executed via a Scheduled Task.
  • The search functionality operates on the Log Description field and supports partial log searches, allowing the use of keywords like conn and auth for more targeted queries.
  • You can filter logs by severity
  • You can expand a log to see the full log detail. This can be copied to the clipboard for use with support requests etc..
  • The following events are captured
    • System Events such as auth, applications exceptions, email events
    • Device connection events, successes and failures
    • Device snippet send events, successes and failures
    • System Commands * Scheduled or manually run tasks

you may use the copy button to copy raw log data to the clipboard for use with support requests etc..

Expanded logs main view