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rConfig - Users

2 mins V7 Pro V6 Core

The users page facilitates the creation, addition, or deletion of system users.

Adding/ Editing Users

From the main Users view, click New Users to add a new users, or click the edit button in the table.

User Main View

The user form itself is very simple. You can add a user name, email, passwords and role. All are required the email must be unique. You may also disable notifications for individual users from the form or main table view also.

User Form


Now that Version 7 has a full RBAC feature, you can add roles to users. This is a simple process, just click the three dots on the user table and select ‘Change Role’. You can change the users role. User can only have one role.

User Activity Log

The user activity log is a simple table that shows the all user authentication activity. It is useful for troubleshooting and auditing user activity.