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rConfig - Backups

2 mins V7 Pro V6 Core

rConfig has a robust system backup feature. System Backups can be run manually or scheduled. They can also be downloaded, deleted, or purged. While system backups are a useful feature in rConfig, they are not mandatory. If you are backing up your rConfig server using other means (using VM snapshots or other utilities), you may ignore the backup feature in rConfig.

The backup page has some important information displayed at the top of the page, and this information is also displayed on the dashboard.

  • Total number of Backup files
  • Total Size of backup files combined
  • Total Free disk space
  • Backup Destination (Local Disk or FTP as of version 6.0)

You can run a backup manually from the backup page by clicking the Start Backup button. This sends a job to the rConfig Queue manager to start the backup. Depending on how full the queues are, this may take a minute to complete. Refresh the page to view the new backup. Some notes on backups;

  • Backups files are zip files
  • The backup files contain application files, downloaded configuration files, and a database dump. rConfig support is needed to restore these files.
  • Depending on the queue manager pending jobs as well as the size of the quantity and size of the downloaded configuration files, it may take some time to run the backup.
  • Clicking the Scheduled Task button will bring you to the Tasks page so you may create a scheduled task for backups. This is required.
  • Clicking on a backup filename, downloads that file.
  • You can delete individual backup files if required.
  • You may alose invoke the Backup Clean up strategy from this page.
Backups main view